1. Notting Hill Carnival 2012 - Children’s Day.

  2. A very short video of one of the first floats to go past. I do not live on the official route of the Notting Hill Carnival, but as the floats have to get from A to B, they generally pass through here. The thing that is noticeable is the level of the music; much louder than in previous years. When this particular float went past the walls literally shook, so heaven knows what it’ll be like at street level (I will find out later this afternoon).

    The weather seems to be behaving itself as well… After yesterday’s multiple cloudbursts, it is much improved. Not feeling particularly hot hot hot… but warm enough to say: oh no, don’t stop the Carnival!

  3. And another London pub bites the dust… The Cowshed in Ladbroke Grove is no more. 

  4. Possibly the best pub name ever; The Galway Hooker in Neasden. Yet another London pub that has closed.

  5. 'Jesus'. Trellick Tower, Notting Hill.

  6. Graffiti by Trellick Tower, Notting Hill.

  8. Climbing the walls… I know that feeling very well!

  9. Ye Olde Cock Tavern… Please feel free to fnark away!

  10. And the gold medal for twattishness goes to….