1. Overdope London. Seen in Portobello Road.

  2. Spanish Communist party sticker calling for withdrawal from the single currency, European Union and NATO. Seen in Portobello Road.

  3. Amigo Month / Mes Amigo

    Good intentions, but this poster makes me feel slightly stabby.

  4. New single: Usain Bolt by Mr Sweet Back Jah

    Can’t wait to hear it! (hint of sarcasm)

  5. Fresh graffiti by Trellick Tower (done within the last week)

  6. Oi… Someone stopped the Carnival!! I need to have words with the person responsible!

  7. The face says is all… The blood of Jesus Christ, my arse!

  8. Some balls were needed to go to the Carnival dressed like that!

  9. astradyne:




    I wondered what a superhero from Yorkshire might be like.


    Jesus Christ is that the Penistone Viaduct.

    This is reyt good tha knows.

    Yorkshireman, the action film… Coming t’cinemas near ye, very soon!

    (via robinssoontobedefunctblog)