1. I went on that cable car thing from Royal Victoria Dock to the O2 Arena earlier today… It was OK, but for the price they charge they could slow the thing down a bit…  It was cool to see the Docklands and beyond from the air, but I couldn’t help but think that it would be so much more fun to go on it in gale-force winds. 

  2. I am not excited by the prospect of seeing the new Almodóvar film. It’s called “I’m So Excited”, despite being called “Los amantes pasajeros” (Travelling/Fleeting Lovers) in Spanish. Can’t see quite how they stumbled on that title in English… but anyway, the reviews I have read say it is terrible… Just about sums up “El Pedrísimo’s” filmography in recent years.


  3. I am still alive

    I had almost forgotten that Tumblr exists… Been a while!


  4. Angela Epstein: You make me sick!

    In response to possibly the biggest pile of shit you’re likely to read in a good while by Angela Epstein, of the Daily Hate Mail. She has really surpassed herself! A real martyr and such an example for families that are struggling to get by. 

    "I’m not talking about a tax loophole or state backhander that allows the streetwise to filch from an already over-committed welfare state. I am, of course, referring to child benefit."
    —> OK Fascist slut from hell… Have a pop at the needy number 1.

    "In our house, that means our benefit payments will soon be no more than a childhood memory since my salary hovers around £50,000 and my husband’s is significantly more."
    —> You really know how to argue your case, don’t you… How much more significantly over 50K is your husband’s salary?

    "Child benefit is as rightfully mine as it for the chap I know whose property company nets him £150,000 a year and for the woman I see on the school run who works as a supermarket cashier. It is a moral imperative. Either we all get it or none of us do. "
    --> Twisted set of moral values you have… How dare you compare yourself to a supermarket cashier, who would probably take 3 or 4 years to earn your salary for a year.

    "But it’s astonishing how handy this money becomes. As one friend pointed out, child benefit has gone a long way towards school uniform, school trips and all the other enduring costs of raising children."
    —> If they are so fucking expensive, you should have thought twice before opening your legs with such an alarming frequency!

    "What’s more, how on earth can the taxman uncover whether unmarried couples are a family unit if they do not declare this? Is this not an open temptation to lie? Suddenly, your partner could just be a lodger, a friend, a one-night stand or an old flame passing through for old times’ sake."
    "But if you’re married — as I have been for 22 years — it’s easy for the taxman to see your financial affairs and check on your details."
    —> Oh you are holier than thou, aren’t you?!?! Yes, if you are not married, of course the devil will tempt you to commit fraud… Shove your patronising, moralistic opinions up your oversized fanny!

    "And why should a GP treat both the child of a road sweeper and the child of a City banker for nothing, when the latter could so clearly afford to pay?"
    —> OK, now you are just being a cunt… A stupid cunt at that!
  5. Kool & The Gang are playing somewhere in Brixton… 35 quid for Harvester advert music, I think fucking well not!

  6. If you think this photo is about you, then just fook right off!

  7. seen under the Westway, North Kensington

  8. Andy Capp.. Where’s Flo? 

  9. seen under the Westway, North Kensington

  10. Religious freaks…